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  • What are the rules when a company incurs R&D costs from a connected party? John Moxon examines the pitfalls to be wary of.

    Qualifying expenditure for R&D tax relief claims can be classified into several well-defined categories; staffing costs, consumables (including light, heat and power), subcontracted costs, externally provided workers, software and payments to subjects of clinical trials. The rules regarding each cost category are widely known – but this isn’t the case when costs are incurred from connected parties.

  • Pharmaceuticals and healthcare

    If your company operates in this sector, assessing eligibility for R&D tax relief is absolutely essential. In a knowledge driven industry, staffed by a highly skilled workforce, it’s not surprising that the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry is the most research-intensive business sector in the UK.

  • Accountants, now is the time to review your March year-ends

    Calling all accountants! Now is the time to review your March year-end clients for potential R&D tax relief claims! 31st March is an extremely common year-end for UK companies, so the two-year deadline to claim R&D tax relief will affect a higher number of businesses than any other time of the year!

  • Cap on payable R&D tax credits – proposed changes to the R&D tax legislation

    The proposed new legislation governing R&D tax relief for SMEs is fast approaching – and it could potentially affect the amount of relief claimable for thousands of companies.

  • R&D tax relief: the payment requirement

    In recent months, YesTax has handled two cases where claims submitted to HMRC by other advisers had fallen foul of the regularly overlooked payment requirement rules. Our director, John Moxon, explains all.

  • Waste Management & Recycling - Don’t waste your opportunity to claim R&D tax relief!

    Recycling and waste management services are some of the fastest growing industries in the UK. As the nation becomes increasingly aware of the environmental impact of its waste, there is enormous pressure on companies to reduce the amount of waste produced. Consequently, it has never been more critical to undertake research and development activity in this area.

  • YesTax turns 2! A look back at an eventful first few years in business

    Today marks the 2nd anniversary of the formation of YesTax. In that time, the company has grown beyond the most ambitious of targets and has negotiated its way through a global pandemic. Despite the turbulent state of the world right now, today is a time for the people behind YesTax to reflect on the positive moments of the last 2 years. We’ve asked our Directors to choose their favourite moments of being a part of YesTax.

  • Families struggling again during the latest lockdown

    As we experienced back in April 2020, the closing of schools due to the Covid-19 pandemic has devasting impacts for vulnerable children. Millions of people are in households where someone has been forced to skip meals and food banks are currently struggling with a huge rise in demand.