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  • Unlock your hidden treasure! Yes!

    What if you have purchased a commercial building since April 2014 and have not dealt with your capital allowances position at the time of the legal transaction? ALL IS NOT LOST!


    The Capital Allowances (Structures and Buildings Allowances - SBAs) Regulations 2019 has finally come into force – Yes! The question is, how will the allowance be applied and who will benefit?

  • Don’t let your Capital Allowances go up in smoke!

    To all commercial property buyers and sellers: remember, remember post April 2014, you must pool, transfer and claim! Due to the April 2014 changes, it is now mandatory for any eligible capital expenditure to be pooled and transferred as part of the legal transaction. Without these provisions in place, the ability to claim capital allowances on the commercial property is lost forever and the embedded capital allowances value is destroyed.

  • Thinking Outside the Patent Box... Trick or Treat?

    If YesTax told you that you could be paying 10% corporation tax instead of the 19% you are currently paying, you’d probably think this was a trick. Introduced in 2013, Patent Box is one of several tax treats served up by the UK Treasury which gives businesses an incentive to patent their technology and pay a reduced rate of corporation tax. It is frightening how many SMEs are missing out on this valuable tax relief.

  • Five Things You May Not Know About Patent Box

    Patent Box is still a relatively new tax relief, having been introduced to the UK tax system in 2013. Increasing numbers of companies are claiming the relief, but many are still sceptical – surely a tax rate of 10% is too good to be true? This article attempts to clarify some facts concerning Patent Box...

  • Five Things You May Not Know About Capital Allowances

    It is estimated that more than 50% of capital allowances available on commercial properties are not claimed. The most common form of capital allowances found in commercial property are those relating to fixed plant and machinery. This includes equipment such as heating, ventilation, hot water, air conditioning and other items which cannot be removed when the building is sold.

  • Family First

    The most precious thing in our life are the moments we spend with our families, and those we spend with our friends. That’s why we came together – our friendship unites us with a common goal - a commitment to improving lives. Ours, yours, and those around the world...

  • Five Reasons an R&D Tax Claim May Trigger an Enquiry from HMRC

    At YesTax, we have years of experience of not only preparing R&D claims for our clients, but also in assisting accountants across the UK with HMRC enquiries relating to claims they have made themselves. It’s fair to say we’ve seen a number of horror shows, where claims have been incorrectly made or guidance has been completely ignored...