Become a Yes Partner

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”


Having spent over a decade in building a specialist tax services business, we have become experts in our market. It has also given us the opportunity to understand exactly who we want to work with. Building long term relationships with proactive, like-minded accountants is exactly what we love to do.

The UK government is encouraging businesses to access valuable tax reliefs and incentives. This is great news – but with more companies claiming them, there’s more pressure on accountants to spot every possible tax credit opportunity.

By becoming a YesPartner, you will benefit from years of experience and expertise, but more importantly, you’ll gain inspiration and a new perspective on the market place.

We want our team of experienced technicians and business development experts to become part of your team so that you can stand on our shoulders and enjoy the success we have achieved in this specialist industry.

By building a partnership with YesTax, together we will have the focus, energy and expertise to make the whole the greater than the sum of its parts.

At the heart of the partnership is marketing. As well as providing our expertise, we’ll help you boost visibility of your brand by providing business development advice and marketing collateral by constantly adding bespoke, unique and relevant content to your audience.


A bespoke partnership with YesTax would include:

  • A substantial recurring revenue stream at no cost.
  • A comprehensive review of your existing client base to ensure that there are no opportunities missed. We’ve never left without finding something!
  • You will be provided with your own dedicated business development and client liaison partner who will be on hand to attend client meetings, handle incoming leads and undertake client reviews with your team.
  • Speakers and sponsorship to any conferences or events that you hold during the year.
  • Bi-annual training sessions to educate you and your team to improve your knowledge and enhance your ability to spot opportunities.
  • Bespoke marketing material and plan for inclusion in your social media and newsletters.
  • A set of bespoke industry specific brochures for marketing to wider industries.
  • Access to innovative software which you can white label. (coming soon!)