Accountants: The Deadline For 31st December 2019 R&D Tax Claims is Fast Approaching

Many companies operate to a 31 December year end which means that any R&D tax relief claims for the 31 December 2019 accounting period must be filed with HMRC by the end of the year. This deadline will affect many companies and so please use the next six weeks wisely! Your clients may be sitting on a significant cash repayment and so it’s imperative that no opportunity is missed.

R&D tax relief is available to companies which are advancing technology through the resolution of technical or scientific uncertainties. This often applies where companies undertake development work in attempt to appreciably improve a product, device, service, process or material. Appreciable improvements can exist, for example, where companies are developing existing or new technology to achieve improved performance – stronger, faster, lighter, cheaper, more efficient. Or perhaps to achieve a new application, or to exist in a different environment. The range of sectors in which qualifying activity occurs is vast, and so it’s extremely important that companies undertaking development work are discussing their eligibility to claim R&D tax credits.

Let YesTax do the talking

We’ll not waste time. We will discuss your client’s activity with the right people, and assist in making a careful assessment of the company’s eligibility for the scheme. 

If a client does not qualify, it is not a waste of time. It’s equally important for ineligible clients to understand why, and you never know what they may get up to in the future! 

Following an introduction, we will:

  • Diligently follow up with your client to explore and understand their business activity
    Assess their eligibility to claim R&D tax relief
  • Identify the allowable expenditure and report back to you with the outcomes of the conversation
  • The claim will be assembled in accordance with best practice and the expectations of HMRC
  • We won’t make false promises or put client’s tax affairs at risk by submitting tenuous claims
  • Consultations are no obligation and free of charge

If you wish to discuss a potential client with YesTax, contact us now at or 0114 553 7850. 

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