Accountants, now is the time to review your March year-ends

Calling all accountants!

Now is the time to review your March year-end clients for potential R&D tax relief claims!

31st March is an extremely common year-end for UK companies, so the two-year deadline to claim R&D tax relief will affect a higher number of businesses than any other time of the year!

R&D tax relief can be claimed retrospectively for two accounting periods so the window to claim for the 31st March 2019 period is fast approaching.

YesTax works closely with its accountancy partners to act as an extra pair of hands; driving proactive behaviours and unlocking opportunities which can otherwise be missed. Working in the R&D tax sector for over a decade, our technical knowledge and familiarity with the relevant tax legislation enables us to prepare robust and compliant R&D tax relief claims.

Equally, YesTax is clear in its advice to those clients not eligible to claim the relief. Running a busy enquiry resolution service, we have seen the damage that poor R&D tax advice can do. We’re staffed by Chartered Accountants and Chartered Tax Advisers, meaning we’re regulated by our professional institutions. Our clients receive sound advice – even if it’s informing them, they don’t qualify for the relief.

If you have an inclination that your client is undertaking qualifying R&D, please do not hesitate to contact us. We can advise on the company’s eligibility and undertake a no obligation assessment of the company’s R&D activity. Furthermore, make sure that all clients with 31st March year ends have been reviewed – the deadline for 31st March 2019 claims is fast approaching!

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