Life and Taxes

Firstly, we want to express our sympathy to everyone whose lives and businesses are impacted by recent events. Often in times of difficulty, we find new ways forward. We choose to become kinder and more generous. It’s wonderful to see how individuals and businesses have responded to this challenging situation objectively, maintaining order, creating detailed plans to return their business back to scale quickly and re-imagining the “next-normal”. We might end up creating a more loving and caring world where we live fully every day, facing challenges with courage.

Secondly, with our first year now firmly under our belt we want to express our thanks to the support of our families, our team, our clients, our suppliers, and the accountancy firms we partner with. Like any small business starting up, we’ve certainly experienced the highs and lows, made all the more challenging by the reality we all now face to our health, economy, business and our new way of life.

We set up a little over a year ago with the goal of saving life changing amounts of tax for our clients and giving life changing amounts to those in need. As our first accounting period has just come to an end, we are proud to report we managed to save our clients £14.7m in tax and give over £35k to those in need, more recently funding food packs and craft sets for 92 of the most vulnerable children in our local area. We could not have done this without the support from so many and these ongoing relationships give us the peace of mind so that we can welcome our second new year. We are certainly more determined and prepared for those unexpected challenges! We hope to build on our first year’s achievements by communicating far more with and listening to our customers, suppliers and accountancy partners, charities and of course our team.

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