Ministry of Marvelous Mail

As many of our clients and referral partners know, we created YesTax with the goal of saving life changing amounts of tax for our clients and giving life changing amounts to those in need. We are proud to report that to date, we’ve managed to save over 25 million in tax for our clients, and we have donated £64,204 in a little over a year to support vulnerable children. We could not have done this without the support from so many, and it is these ongoing relationships that give us the peace of mind to continue with this valuable work.

This month, YesTax kick-started a new project called the Ministry of Marvellous Mail, where local children in foster care will receive regular books and crafts in the post over the next 6 months. The books will include classical texts which their foster families can read with them. Further texts will be included to develop reading, writing and maths skills. There will also be postcards and pens to promote confidence with writing, and allow our children to experience sending a postcard to friends, or teachers! In these challenging times it’s so important we consider how to support our children’s mental health, and is why it’s our mission here at YesTax to help.

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