Our latest collaborative project; My Father’s House

By working hand in hand with our referral partners and clients throughout 2020, we have managed to make significant impacts to vulnerable children both locally and across the world. We’re delighted to share with you our latest collaborative project with My Father’s House.

My Father’s House – Brazil

My Father’s House is a project working with some of the most vulnerable communities and families in the North Eastern Brazilian town of Olinda, just outside the city of Recife. With Olinda being so close to Recife, urban poverty spills over into the town with families and children often living and working between the two areas.

My Father’s House has been running for over ten years, working with the local authority in the area providing an orphanage and safe house for boys. The area has a history of gang crime, shootings, robberies, prostitution and severe poverty. Over the years, My Father’s House has helped to make this community a better place to live, supporting families and children into better lives, jobs and education as well as taking boys into the safe house away from the gangs in the area. Due to recent law changes relating to orphanages and safe houses, My Father’s House closed the boys safe house and has recently put more focus into its community work.

During the Covid-19 period, My Father’s House has continued to support the community with its work, despite stringent health and safety restrictions being in place. This has included advising families that have lost jobs on how to budget on a lower income and providing activities and schooling for children and young people whilst the schools were closed. In addition, the charity has provided controlled activities to prevent children from being on the streets and mixing unsafely as well as donating weekly food parcels for families.

The cost to fund one child per month is approximately 180 reals (approximately £30). Throughout December, YesTax managed to fund the entire budget to help 100 children.

Thank you to all our referral partners and clients for your continued support!

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