Shine A Light On Our Guiding Light Foundation

Imagine a world where good things happen with every single business transaction. This has the potential to influence so many more lives. When we make a sale, a child’s life is changed for the better. This is not just another corporate responsibility programme. We support projects that go directly to those that are in need and we take an active role in the projects that we support by working in them.

Our very own Alison Ralston visited Nepal this month and our charity, Antardristi which provides a safe house for sexually abused children. Alison had a packed week with the children, donating gifts, celebrating the 16th anniversary of the charity and taking part in a local religious festival. To raise awareness within the local community, Alison also spoke at a community event and chaired a meeting to set out the main business goals and objectives for the next twelve months.

Studies all over the world show that child sponsorship is one of the most effective ways of ending poverty.

Binita, who runs the safe houses is an incredibly organised, eloquent and passionate child psychologist that has dedicated her entire life to helping vulnerable children, even at the expense of having her own family. Alison has been working with the charity for nearly two years now and YesTax was immediately taken in by the work that Alison was doing in Nepal and agreed to support the cause without delay. This has enabled the safe houses to remain open.

So how can YesTax help with the cause in the next couple of years.

Our Mission

Our mission is threefold;

To help fund a secure home for the children

There are four new reported cases of child abuse a day in Nepal and only 40% of cases actually get reported.

Antardristi provides not only a home, counselling and love, but a platform for the children to be educated through school and beyond. This is evident as the girls are often winners of many of the trophies and awards at school.

In order to cope with a growing demand of children and the desperate lack of funding, YesTax has agreed to help Antardristi open a larger home with better facilities in Kathmandu over the next couple of years.

To secure a bright future for the children

We also want to help Binita secure a bright future for the children once they leave school and the safe house. In 2015, after one of the worst earthquakes that killed 9,000 people and left 20,000 Nepalese homeless, Antardristi opened a café in Lalitpur to provide an employment platform for some of the girls following their graduation at school.

We want to help expand on this idea by helping her set up more commercial enterprises. We want to encourage the girls to be entrepreneurs so that like us, they can be in charge of their own destiny.

To reduce child sexual abuse in Nepal by 2030

Every child, in any country, has the basic right not to be sexually abused. As well as tackling the problem on the ground, we want to help support the Antardristi team to raise awareness of sexual abuse and the rights of the children across Nepalese society.

By working with YesTax, together we are making a positive difference to vulnerable children’s lives.

2 Children holding up a Yes Tax flag