Where will the UK find the money to repay cost of the Pandemic? There’s always the self-employed!

Now HMRC has recommenced work on IR35 enquiry cases paused due to Covid-19, employment status disputes won’t be far behind.

With tens of billions of pounds having been pumped into the economy to support the population during the pandemic, it is not unreasonable to think that HMRC will be under pressure to recoup as much money for the Treasury as possible.

Companies which engage the self-employed have always proved fruitful hunting ground for HMRC, with large tax liabilities resulting from a single enquiry.

This may not happen straight away, but will likely snowball over the next 3 to 5 years as HMRC patiently bide their time to strike and maximise their return. And like before the pandemic, HMRC will be focusing their efforts on far more industries than construction.

Making sure your clients are prepared for HMRC and they are not left wanting in the event of an enquiry has always been a challenge when it comes to specialist areas like employment status

Coupled with the increasing frequency of employment tribunals from self-employed operatives (Pimlico Plumbers, Hermes, DPD to name a few) it is even more of an incentive to get it right.

HQ35 will work with you and your clients – whether they have 5 or 500 self-employed operatives - to ensure their engagements of the self-employed are fully compliant with legislation and case law, both in practice and in agreed contractual terms; most importantly, we will ensure that this compliance can stand up to HMRC scrutiny or employment tribunal claim.

In tandem with our status compliance audit we can also provide:

  • Retained ongoing support to your clients;
  • Full representational support on related tax enquiries (status, section 44 etc);
  • Full tax loss insurance from our panel of insurance partners;
  • Full Legal support for employment claims from self-employed operatives;
  • Awards for employment law claims from self-employed operatives.

This is the most comprehensive support package for the self-employed industry. At a time with myriad other worries, it will take one big concern away from your clients.

Get in touch today to discuss how we can help your clients, or add a valuable specialism to your practice.

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IR35 2021

Let’s not forget the IR35 changes due next year! Help get your clients up to speed and make sure they do it right from the outset. Take a visit to our website at www.hq35.co.uk and see how we can help you and your clients.

More to follow in the New Year.