The things we say ‘no’ to

Our staff have been working with tax incentives and reliefs since the legislation’s introduction in the year 2000. Over the years, we’ve seen the advisory market change dramatically. A number of trends have appeared in recent years, many of which we don’t agree with. At YesTax, we have a clear idea of how we want our business to operate.

These are the things we say ‘No’ to...

No to Fixed Contracts Which ‘Tie Clients In’ To Long Term Deals

Of all the things which have appeared in the tax reliefs sector in recent years, this is the one we find the most distasteful. Our clients use us because they want to. They use us because they value our expertise and our clear unambiguous advice. They use us because we’re people they want to work with.

No to Penalty Clauses Because You Leave Early

The thought of tying our clients down to 5 year deals with penalty clauses if they go elsewhere fills us with horror. Our engagement letters are fee agreements and not contracts which tie clients to using us for a set period. If we fall short of your expectations, we’ll do our best to put things right. But if you’re still unhappy, you’re free to leave us. This is how we feel the professional services industry should work.

No to Cold Calling

At YesTax, we’re Chartered Tax Advisers, Chartered Accountants and qualified solicitors. Our clients use us for our professional expertise and our ability to advise correctly. We don’t feel the need to cold call thousands of businesses across the UK. We don’t win business by employing third party sales companies to call thousands of UK businesses, we win it via word of mouth and our extensive referral partner network.

No to Overpromising

At YesTax, we ‘know our stuff’ and don’t have people who know very little about how R&D tax relief works who will inflate the potential benefits simply to gain a sales commission.

No to ‘100% Guarantees’

No firm can offer 100% success guaranteed! If claim success was 100% guaranteed, there would be no need to use a firm like YesTax! Many R&D claims are complex and involve (in certain areas) a degree of subjectivity. Our experience means we get it right – but we will not lie and say this is 100% guaranteed. Claims are reviewed by HMRC and very very occasionally, they may wish to ask further questions or disagree with our interpretation of certain aspects of the claim. Our reputation, familiarity with HMRC, experience and approach to claims means we get it right. But can this be 100% guaranteed? No. We’d rather be honest than use false claims in our marketing!

No to Offering To Pay R&D Tax Credits To Clients Before A Claim Has Been Accepted

Using potential future R&D tax credits as finance is not something we want to be involved in. YesTax will never offer to pay an R&D tax credit to a client before a claim has been reviewed and approved by HMRC. Our clients receive R&D tax credits when HMRC have paid them. We won’t give you a chunk of cash upfront (for a fee) on the premise that HMRC will pay you a tax credit in a few months. It’s just not how we work.

No to ‘I Can’t Deal With That’

We don’t have ‘pen pushers’ or ‘box tickers’ who do all the front end stuff but don’t actually ‘know their stuff’. At YesTax you work with the owners… people who can, and do, make decisions to help you get what you need.

So, to summarise

At YesTax, we say ‘Yes’ to...

  • Building relationships with people we like
  • Maximising our expertise and knowledge to help them
  • Doing things right - ‘properly’ and ethically
  • Business as a force for good
  • Making an impact and changing people’s lives
  • Having fun doing it!